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Radio Loli Update #2 - Schedule

This the format, as far as I've settled on for discussion, is subject to change.

Line Up

=== Lucky Packs

=== The Good, The Bad,and The Disappointing
-Anime Expo
-Innoccent Seraphim
-Anime Central

=== Over The Ocean and In The States
-Megan Maude
-In the Starlight
-The White Peacock
-Blasphamina's Closet
-Baby the Stars Shine Bright (San Fran)

=== EGL Forecast
--- Wave of New Bloods
--- Change in the Fashion Wheel (Rise of EGL/EGA, Retro)
--- New to the Table (differing views of Vets vs. Newb)

=== Contests

-- idk what for yet

=== Submissions

--- make an e-mail
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