Radio Loli - Finally Launched!

I finally got my butt in gear and made up an open blog for RL submissions. Only have on post up so far, but I'll be busting out the podcasts and vlogs over the course of this fall. First up will probably be a review , via Youtube channel, of my latest purchases from Bodyline and a luckypack from either Innocent World or Angelic Pretty. Looking forward to getting things up and running finally. Yes, the design is pretty simple, but I'm not finished yet. Here's the link to Radio Loli.

Radio Loli - Update 7/7/11

 Gearing up for our first broadcast via internet radio and, possibly Youtube channel.

We'll be covering the INs and OUTs of scene crossing with Lolita, starting your own community, and a segment of Lolita and Cons. The consensus so far is to release an episode bi-weekly and segments bi - monthly. Again, a lot of the information and news bits being released with mostly likely revolve around the Southern regions of the US. We can go international the more help we manage to wrangle up.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I'll go into more detail in the next update as I arrange the formatting a bit more. Hope your 4th of July was grand!

Possible release date for Episode - Red, White, and Frilly // December. 28th, 2011.

Radio Lolita Update

As I know those watching these entries may have notice... Not much progress has been made to pulling this baby together. So, I've turned to a web design savvy friend to transform this baby into a radio style blog!

If you are not familiar with The EGL community attempt at The Daily Frill then a little research on your part is certainly in favor!

But why a Blog instead of Internet radio?
Well, it'd be easier for me manage and not worry if the microphone is working. And I'm more confident with this mode of media as I'm pretty much majoring in this sort of thing,haha. Overall, it's just easier and cost effective in the current start up.

The link shall be up here in the few weeks. Once again, this is still following the original intent and purposes. Just in the format as a Talk Radio! Stay Tuned!

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Radio Loli - Update

With all that's been happening this summer, I've run into yet another snag with getting this brain child off the ground.
I need better equipment than I already have on me at the moment. The only way to get access to better mics, better editing programs, via my College for little to no fee on my part. So, I'm must reside to shelving this beauty with the occasional blurb here and there.

At some point, I do want to turn this into a bi -weekly blog of it own.Since I tend to write myself silly more than actually record my voice. Well, that's all for now and sorry for the long, if not overly belated pause between updates. I'm already setting my calendar to work on this sometime in the Fall. Do keep checking back for more info/ latest episode(s) launch dates.

Radio Loli Update #2 - Schedule

This the format, as far as I've settled on for discussion, is subject to change.

Line Up

=== Lucky Packs

=== The Good, The Bad,and The Disappointing
-Anime Expo
-Innoccent Seraphim
-Anime Central

=== Over The Ocean and In The States
-Megan Maude
-In the Starlight
-The White Peacock
-Blasphamina's Closet
-Baby the Stars Shine Bright (San Fran)

=== EGL Forecast
--- Wave of New Bloods
--- Change in the Fashion Wheel (Rise of EGL/EGA, Retro)
--- New to the Table (differing views of Vets vs. Newb)

=== Contests

-- idk what for yet

=== Submissions

--- make an e-mail