lady_blubrd (lady_blubrd) wrote,

Radio Loli - Update

With all that's been happening this summer, I've run into yet another snag with getting this brain child off the ground.
I need better equipment than I already have on me at the moment. The only way to get access to better mics, better editing programs, via my College for little to no fee on my part. So, I'm must reside to shelving this beauty with the occasional blurb here and there.

At some point, I do want to turn this into a bi -weekly blog of it own.Since I tend to write myself silly more than actually record my voice. Well, that's all for now and sorry for the long, if not overly belated pause between updates. I'm already setting my calendar to work on this sometime in the Fall. Do keep checking back for more info/ latest episode(s) launch dates.
Tags: radio loli
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