lady_blubrd (lady_blubrd) wrote,

Radio Lolita Update

As I know those watching these entries may have notice... Not much progress has been made to pulling this baby together. So, I've turned to a web design savvy friend to transform this baby into a radio style blog!

If you are not familiar with The EGL community attempt at The Daily Frill then a little research on your part is certainly in favor!

But why a Blog instead of Internet radio?
Well, it'd be easier for me manage and not worry if the microphone is working. And I'm more confident with this mode of media as I'm pretty much majoring in this sort of thing,haha. Overall, it's just easier and cost effective in the current start up.

The link shall be up here in the few weeks. Once again, this is still following the original intent and purposes. Just in the format as a Talk Radio! Stay Tuned!

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