lady_blubrd (lady_blubrd) wrote,

Radio Loli - Update 7/7/11

 Gearing up for our first broadcast via internet radio and, possibly Youtube channel.

We'll be covering the INs and OUTs of scene crossing with Lolita, starting your own community, and a segment of Lolita and Cons. The consensus so far is to release an episode bi-weekly and segments bi - monthly. Again, a lot of the information and news bits being released with mostly likely revolve around the Southern regions of the US. We can go international the more help we manage to wrangle up.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I'll go into more detail in the next update as I arrange the formatting a bit more. Hope your 4th of July was grand!

Possible release date for Episode - Red, White, and Frilly // December. 28th, 2011.
Tags: radio loli, updates
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